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Quality & Commitment


Quality & Commitment

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Quality Management Systems

Our commitment to producing and supplying the highest quality products are guaranteed through our Quality System Certification ISO 9001:2008, SIRM QAS International, and our product solution R and D. Product and service quality are given the highest priority. From the design stage, all the way to delivery, our people are trained in quality methods and principles. At every level within the organization, we are engaged in improving product quality and processes. To maintain a high level of quality, we have a comprehensive Inspection and Test Plan, along with a detailed MDR process that is strictly adhered to.



Water Submersion Test Results

1) Normal Time to rotate the submerged roller is 24hrs & 72hrs.

2) RPM is 600 rpm.

3) A Ø133 x 465RL x 6205zz roller was tested and the following results were recorded:

  • Duration of rotation: 24 hrs. >> Amount of water penetration: 2.0gms.

  • Acceptance Criteria: 5.0gms.

  • Duration of rotation: 72 hrs. >> Amount of water penetration: 45.0gms.

  • Acceptance Criteria: 150gms.


Example of MDR-ITP & Quality System:

MDR-ITP – Roller

MDR-ITP – Frame