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Talent Concept


Talent Concept

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ROKONMA DONGGUAN Co., Ltd. always regards human resources as the primary task of enterprise management, insisting that “talents decide the performance of the company and performance determines the prosperity and decline of the enterprise”. Adhere to the principle of "not just academic qualifications, not only qualifications, paying attention to ethics and talent, focusing on performance" and "able person, fair person, and inferior", and dare to use people who exceed current leadership skills to make good use of The person who reuses innovative people does not seek full reproach, and forms the corporate philosophy of “writing life through action and embodying value through performance” and “encouraging fame and fortune for those with outstanding performance, and making it difficult for those who have done so to be self-contained”. Persist in making the right people do the right thing and let professional people do professional things. Persist in attracting, nurturing, and retaining people with "career, environment, treatment, and feelings." Adhere to the "cadre can be able to work, the staff can enter the energy, treatment can be high energy and low" employment mechanism. Focusing on employee training, all levels of managers are required to establish a “cultivating subordinates is to promote themselves” concept of education, so that each employee can give full play to their wisdom and intelligence, with the development of enterprises and grow together.