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1. 2 mechanical design engineers

job requirements

Bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical engineering and automation, male or female, 28 to 40 years old, 3 years working experience in design, manufacture, installation, maintenance, etc. of professional belt conveyor factory, familiar with the use of AutoCAD and other software.

2. Recruitment Position: Sales Engineer 3

Job Responsibilities

1, collect project information, master customer needs, build customer resources, take the initiative to open up, complete the task indicators issued by superiors;

2. To complete the follow-up and negotiation of the project independently, establish and maintain a good customer relationship;


3. Master the market dynamics and timely report the market situation of the company;

job requirements

1. College degree or above, major in mechanical engineering;

2. More than two years of experience in the mechanical industry, familiar with the bidding work process, can effectively review drawings, and technical solutions;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, meticulous work, hard working, strong coordination, execution, resilience, and team management;

4, with the belt conveyor industry sales experience is preferred.

3. Recruitment Position: General Manager Assistant 1

Job Responsibilities

1. Assist the general manager in team management of the company;

2. Responsible for the follow-up of the company's general manager to arrange work items;

3, responsible for the daily schedule of the general manager;

4. Responsible for the receipt and transfer of general manager documents, letters, and correspondence;

5. Responsible for the drafting of documents for the day-to-day management of general managers;

6. Responsible for visiting reception and business travel;

7. Assist in arranging trips and translations. Qualifications

job requirements

1, under 40 years old, bachelor's degree, bachelor's degree; male or female, physical health, good looks;

2. Has five years experience in mid-level management of large and medium-sized enterprises, with prioritization of marketing and management work experience;

3, good character, cheerful, straightforward; responsible, strong business, able to work under pressure, good teamwork skills;

4. Good communication and coordination skills, solid document writing skills;

5, has a strict ability of logical thinking and a comprehensive analysis and judgment ability, a strong overall coordination ability, excellent written and verbal ability.