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Main composition of belt conveyor

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Main composition of belt conveyor

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[Core Tips] Belt Conveyor is mainly composed of driving device, braking device, supporting part, tensioning device, redirection device, cleaning device, loading device, unloading device and tape.

The belt conveyor is mainly composed of a driving device, a braking device, a supporting portion, a tensioning device, a redirection device, a cleaning device, a charging device, a unloading device and an adhesive tape.


The driving device is a device that transmits the torque of the motor to the belt and continuously moves the belt. It consists of a motor, a drive roller, a coupling, a speed reducer, and the like. With the increase of the transport capacity of the conveyor, the longer the transport distance, the power of the electric motor is increasing, and the multi-motor transmission is gradually increasing. With multiple motor drives, the height and width of the transmission can be reduced.

2. Braking device

The brake device mainly refers to the brake and backstop. It is mainly used to prevent reverse rotation of the tape machine when the belt load is stopped. The material bleeds out (when the tape is severed or mechanical damage is severe). Generally, the taper angle of the tape machine exceeds 4 '-6'. The brake must be set.

3, supporting device

The main support device is a series of equipment that carries tape and materials and completes the express operation. The support device for the tape conveyor is mainly composed of an upper tip roller, a lower support roller, a misalignment support roller, a buffer roller and a frame.

4, tensioning device

Tensioning device The role of the tensioning device is to ensure that the tape has sufficient tension so that the roller and the tape produce the necessary friction, limit the tape's sag between the brackets, and allow the belt conveyor to work properly. The commonly used tensioning devices are mechanical tensioning, screw tensioning and weight tensioning.

5, redirect device

The redirection device is mainly composed of a redirection roller, a special bracket and a pressure roller.

6, cleaning device

Cleaning device When the belt conveyor is in operation, it is very important to clean the dirt on the tape, roller, and idler, because the dirt can cause belt runaway and serious wear of moving parts. Usually, behind the unloading drum, a squeegee cleaner is provided to clean the dirty surface of the belt. Another method is to install a rotary brush at the bottom of the unloading drum for cleaning.